Andrew Trent Fleming (Drew)


Being a filmmaker from Memphis means knowing how to make projects look incredible without all of the luxuries of Hollywood-size productions. It means working with what you have. It means working on projects you believe in. It means treating people with respect. It means helping your peers when you can on the projects they believe in, whether they have money to pay you or not. I will always take pride in these elements of being a creative in Memphis, and I believe that it makes people who do what we do here uniquely talented in a way that stands out from many projects from larger cities.

I believe in capturing real moments beautifully rather than creating fake ones, and trusting your instinct in the moment to find the logic later.

I've been working in the video and film world since 2006 in some capacity, and since 2009 in a full-time capacity. There are tons of people here in town and around the states that I have looked up to and constantly harassed to learn from, dissect my work, give me pointers, etc. I don't have it all figured out, and never will. I still have a lot to learn (I'll believe this until the day I die.) Since 2017, I've been blessed with the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented people, shoot 9 short films, 7 music videos, direct/produce the Memphis 901 FC brand reveal spot, dozens of smaller projects, travel to the Florida Keys, Alaska, The Grand Canyon, and more, producing and shooting the best work I can for my clients.

Right now, I'm taking on the biggest project I've ever tackled, and I am convinced that all of my projects in the last few years have helped me prepare for this one: A feature-length documentary that follows Don Bryant and the The Bo-Keys on tour through Morocco, France, and Italy during July 2019. I'm funding the project myself, and doing everything I can to make sure we can document these Memphis legends in my own way. I’d love for you to be a part of the team and help us out: Thank you. -Drew

Resume and references available upon request.